Adumaya・・・the oldest hot springs [Yunomine Onsen] Hongu-cho Tanabe City ,Wakayama Prefecture







(We welcome any who meet at least one of the following requirements.)

・ People who are enthusiastic in expressing their fondness for the wonderful Kumano area.

・ People who will enjoy promoting our Japanese inn and lodge

・ People who look forward to providing service and receiving customers in our Japanese inn and lodge

・ People who like cleaning

・ People who are of an age at which they are capable workers



・ Room managers (those without experience may apply)


・ Compensation according to one’s application (preference given to experience and skills)

・ Days off ? Seven days a month

・ Full social insurance coverage

・ Employee and Worker’s Accident insurance coverage

・ Worker’s dormitory available



After initial contact by telephone, resume submission (with photograph) to Azumaya

Reception: 24 hours

Contact: Azumaya, Incorporated
122 Yunomine, Hongu-cho Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture

Telephone: 0735-42-0012